Raahen skeittihalli Puljun antamat vastaukset nhl.comille

Raahen skeittihalli Puljun antamat vastaukset nhl.comille

Lauantain ja sunnuntain välisenä yönä annoin haastattelun NHL.comin kirjoittajalle koskien Joonas Donskoin lahjoitusta Puljulle. Veljeni Juuso ja Taneli käänsivät vastaukset englanniksi, jonka pohjalta nhl.com kirjoitti artikkelin. Tässä kaikille kiinnostuneille nähtäväksi pitkät vastaukset, joiden pohjalta artikkeli kirjoitettiin.

Lue tästä ensin NHL.comin juttu.

Pulju’s replies for nhl.com

”Our indoor skatepark is located in Joonas Donskoi’s hometown Raahe quite close to the local ice stadium where Joonas Donskoi used to play as a junior. The name of the indoor skatepark is Pulju, by chance same as the ice hockey player Jesse Puljujärvi’s nickname.

Raahe is small town in Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland and home of 25 000 citizens and the distances between places are pretty short there. We got our first proper indoor skatepark Pulju in 2010 and same year started building it. The building itself is an old store split into warehouses and rooms. One of them is Pulju. Pulju is finnish and means small shop. The road to getting an indoor skatepark wasn’t easy because skateboarders of Raahe has been trying to get one since 90’s. February 2011 was the opening ceremony.

Skateboarding in Raahe goes in 10 year trends. When Pulju started it was pretty crowded year-round. Many youngster found their place there because skateboarding is unitive hobby where you can do whatever you want. We got feedback from local skateboarders that they finally found a place where they can hang and do whatever they may.

We pay half a rent and city of Raahe pays another half. With active marketing and arranging events we get enough money to pay the bills but summer is quite challenging to us. In summertime skaters are skating outside at different spots and skateparks. Another main challenge is that many people move out of Raahe when they become adults so the group of active skaters is small. Indoor skatepark needs supervision but there is not enough adults. As I live in Helsinki nowadays and I can’t visit Raahe enough times in a year.

We’ve got some great support from city of Raahe but also the parents of skateboarding youth and local businesses have supported us. The main reason for money worries is the lack of active admins, in fact not the lack of skateboarders. I believe that only this Joonas Donskoi’s great deed brings the count up as it used to be!

I’m one of the founders and builders of the skatepark Pulju, but I’m not officially part of it’s board anymore, because I live in Helsinki nowadays. I still try to help as much as possible and for example I have a meeting coming up with the mayor of Raahe to discuss about the future of the skatepark. Raahe is my hometown, and I visit the park everytime when I’m up north. It’s the first place where I go when I get a chance. Pulju is open for everyone and anyone can come and skate or scoot as they will.

My close friend Henri Ylikulju (also the chairman of Raahen Rullalautailijat Ry, our local union of skateboarders) private messaged Joonas via Instagram. They chat sometimes and because we had some money problems, he dared to speak about those with Joonas. Henri has seen Joonas a few times earlier in Raahe. 
In addition, a few years back they had a talk about skateboarding stuff and Joonas Donskoi is locally known for his good heart. He wants kids to exercise and have hobbies. I’ve known Joonas since we were kids because he used to skateboard at same skating spot as I. We lived fairly close to each other. Skateboarding was Joonas’ hobby like ice hockey and football. Joonas has said that he will try to land kickflip trick in upcoming summer 2019.

I got message from Henri that they had been discussing about that. I was really flattered because the same day we had thought a way to pay the bills. We already had made an agreement about new plans to avoid getting into new debt crisis. I think that now we know what to do with our indoor skatepark. Especially now when we get to start from a clean desk.

As I said earlier, it is quite an unusual to see Joonas in Raahe nowadays but he is very well known locally. I think his most urgent will was to help his friend Henri who was stressed out of the financial stuff but in a bigger picture Joonas wanted to help the youngs of his hometown. Many ice hockey players from Northern Ostrobothnia has done a lot of charity but I don’t know if that had anything to do with the deed.

It was a total surprise and felt surreal ’cause earlier that day we had talked about the difficult situation with the skatepark with my friends in Helsinki. Later I got a message in the middle of the night saying that Joonas Donskoi had offered to pay of the debt of Pulju. Immediately I send a message to Joonas thanking him personally. After that we had an idea that now we have a great chance to raise his jersey to the roofers of the park. Of course it will be twice as amazing to do it at the same time when the Stanley Cup comes to visit Raahe 😁😉 In case that doesn’t happen we’ll do it the next time Joonas is in Raahe, probably this summer. We are planning to make the event public and the whole city is welcome and invited.

It’s important to note that Joonas did not do this for the headlines or publicity. For him it was clearly an act of kindness towards his friend Henri and giving back to the community and his hometown. We asked him if it’s okay to talk about the donation publicly and he said that it’s fine but hoped that we would not talk about the money side. The positive response of the people and press took us by surprise when we proudly announced the deed in our social media channels here in Finland.

We hope that this publicity sets a positive trend to the number of skaters in Raahe. Especially now that skating is also an Olympic sport. If we can keep Pulju going there’s a chance to get an Olympic medalist to Raahe in addition to a Stanley Cup winner – of course one of the main enablers for that is Joonas himself!”


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